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Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 20 November 2012

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Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party is ideal for a younger crowd and if you want to party. Don’t invite the bride-to-be’s grandma, aunts or mother if it is going to embarrass her. For a bachelorette party, you can invite close friends and keep it intimate. Book a club or restaurant where you can enjoy a few drinks and have a good time together!

Should you keep it a Surprise or not?

This depends on the bride, if she loves surprises and to feel special, keep it a secret. But if she doesn’t like to be surprised, tell her the date of the kitchen tea but leave out the details. You can arrange with your friends to meet in a hotel where you can dress for the night, have a few cocktails and dress the bride-to-be.

Who should you invite to the Bachelorette Party?

A bachelorette party is for close friends. You should not invite her mother and grandmother if they are going to feel uncomfortable with an unconventional kitchen tea. This is a night to enjoy and celebrate your friendship with the bride-to-be.

Ice Breaker Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Everybody at the bachelorette party probably know each other so you can have a lot of fun together. You can play 2 truths and a lie and every time you are caught out you will get punished.

Activities for a Bachelorette Party

You can arrange with a professional pole dancer to give a demonstration and teach the bride-to-be a few moves. Play drink or dare (you can make a board with different options before the time).

Gift Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

Because you’re all close friends it will be easy to give lingerie and some sexy toys without being embarrassed. If there are other married guests, they can give advice and bind it in a little book.

Decoration Ideas for a Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette party will work well for an evening gathering. You can either book a hotel room or go to a club and dance through the night. Serve sushi and cocktails to keep the evening light and filled with fun.


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