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Author: Kitchen Tea Ideas    Date Published: 24 August 2017

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Kitchen Tea Pamper Party

A pamper party is great if the wedding has a more traditional feel and you have to cater from niece to grandma. Get a professional beauty therapist to give mini treatments to all guests, she can advertise her products and your guests can buy it as a gift for the bride-to-be.

Should you keep it a Surprise or not?

This depends on the bride. Most people will love the idea of a surprise pamper party organized specially for her, but if your friend doesn’t like surprises, it is another story. You can decide if you want to tell the bride the date of the pamper party and keep the details secret, or if you want to keep the whole kitchen tea secret.

Who should you invite to the Kitchen Tea?

It is very awkward to be invited to the kitchen tea, but not the wedding! As a bridesmaid, you can get access to the guest list before the time and send email invitations to everyone. If the wedding is more friend orientated, it can be difficult to organize a date and venue that suits everyone.

Ice Breaker Ideas for a Pamper Party

Everyone at the kitchen tea will not always know one another, it is thus very important to put them at ease early on. A great ice breaker for a pamper party is Q&A’s about the couple. The bridesmaid has to prepare a few questions about the couple and the guest who can answer the most will win a pamper product.

Activities for a Pamper Party

You can arrange for a professional beauty therapist (or students) to host the pamper party. Each guest will receive a 15 minute manicure / pedicure and she can promote her products. Guests can also buy the products as a gift for the bride-to-be.

Gift Ideas for a Pamper Party

Assuming the couple already has a fully equipped home and kitchen, your guests can bring something special for the bride. Some ideas include a gift voucher for a massage, facial, wax, manicure or pedicure; expensive facial products you know the bride won’t buy; bath essentials – oil, milk, bubble bath, crystals etc. or even lingerie for the honeymoon.

Decoration Ideas for a Pamper Party

The pamper party will work well for a morning gathering, so the atmosphere should be relaxing and tranquil. You can let your colours match the wedding’s colours. Cupcakes, chocolate cake, chocolate fondue and fruit kebabs are possible indulgences. You can serve Champagne, fruit juice and other light beverages.



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